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Referanser: YS, Norrøna, Skatteetaten, Hjort, Brønnøysundregistrene, Obos, LO, Vestfold fykeskommune Referanser: Elkraft, Statens Pensjonskasse, Bedriftshelse Nord, SVEA FInans, Aurland kommune, Akershus fylkeskommune Referanser: Etman, Eika, Statens kartverk, BAHR, Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune, Aschehoug, Swire Oilfield Services Referanser: Riksrevisjonen, Fellesforbundet, Fjellvar, Fjellinjen, SOS-barnebyer, Den norske legeforening, Bil i nord, Fylkesmannen i Vestfold, Ødegaard ENgros Referanser: Nor Tekstil, Sametinget, Samediggi, Kystverket, OCH Ortopedi AS, Norsk Industri Referanser: Intrium Justitia, Møller bil, Bykle kommune, Givas, Harila, Kristiansand kommune Referanser: Høyskolen Campus Kristiania, Klinikk5, TUI, Kvam Herad kommune, Norsk Olje og gass, Porsanger kommune Referanser: SBanken, Sparebank1, Pilkington, Tannhelsesenteret, Ørsta vgs, Redcord Referanser: Trøndelag kommune, Herøy kommune, Sandefjord kommune, Asker kommune

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What our customers say

tidBANK is used daily by 50-100000 users. These are some of the nice feedback we get after having introduced tidBANK in a new organization:

  • Our employees and managers praise the ease of use.
  • We save money as a result of having a common system with common practices in all departments.
  • The need for registration in retrospect and double registration was removed.
  • Wonderful and informative overview of presence status.
  • Alerts and alarms in the application keeps us up to date.
  • Eliminate the mistakes we have previously experienced in payroll accounting.
  • Everyone is updated, no one need to ask about vacation days owed, etc.
  • We save a lot of time with the software for time reporting.
  • It is reassuring to know how employees are doing in relation to the statutory limits for overtime.
  • The consultant gave us a thorough introduction to the administrative procedures.
  • The product is so intuiativt that normal users do not need any training.
  • tidBANK put a stop to unregistered overtime and stressful mornings.